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Vote or Watch Meetings Anywhere in The World

Association Portals is hosted with Microsoft Cloud data center to ensure we have the highest uptime and availability from anywhere in the world. In fact, around half of our users are from outside the United States.  In these challenging times of social distancing, having online voting is a great addition to your services and amenities.


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Electronic Voting


No Contract 

No Set Up Costs 

No Support Fees 

Made Easy

Only $84 Per Month!

Get a 10% discount with a prepaid annual subscription


Document Storage

Saves managers time and provides convenience to members. Unlimited Cloud Storage of Important Documents including Consent Forms, Voting Certificates,  Prior Ballots, Official Records, Vendor Contracts, Rules and Regulations, Architectural Review Forms, etc. 


Save Time
& Money

Reduce the need for envelopes, paper, postage, mailing and time are all just some of the benefits of allowing your members to vote online. This kind of efficiency will help save your association thousands of dollars on printing costs, lawyer’s fees, voting monitors and mailing costs.


Portals Evolving

We understand that the world is changing and that we must adapt as it does. Every day we are thinking of new ways we can improve and innovate our program. We get this valued input from our clients; what they would like to see added or changed. Association Portals will continue to innovate and change how Condo Association, HOAs, Trades, Unions, Government, and Education communicate with the world. To create an all-in-one element of a human error free software platform that is legally compliant.


Legal Compliance

Developed By Top Real Estate Attorney Ben Solomon, Esq.

Personally designed by our CEO and nationally recognized real estate attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq., who has conducted thousands of condo/HOA elections, to assure your association is legally compliant at all times.  Among other legal requirements, our proprietary software complies with Florida Statutes, U.S. Department of Labor Regulations, and customary association bylaws.

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Easy to Use


Association Portals is the most user-friendly, turnkey voting software available for both administrators and members. Our software provides legally compliant ballot templates with the option of creating your own. We also provide automation tools to assist you in managing elections.  99.9% of our users vote successfully online the first time through our program without any questions.

Create Your Own Portals
and  Ballots

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Association Portals has a very easy to use platform for creating your own unique portal. You can drop in your logo, select photos of your community, link to websites or videos, and name your buttons and direct them where to go. Now that your look is complete, its so easy to create a survey to blanket the community or launch a voting event in just minutes.

Email Tracking


Association Portals comes equipped with a very powerful email tracking system capable of tracking an email from creation within the portal, selecting

the recipient(s) verified delivery even down to what device was used to open it.

Association Portals is the only voting and survey platform that allows you to live stream events, board meetings or a message from the board president from anywhere in the world.


If a member is not available at the time of the live meeting, the meetings will be available in the video library and ready to watch.  If you have meetings in other platforms like Zoom or Teams, you can simply load such meetings to the video library of the portal and share the same with members.


Live Stream and Record Board Meetings

Finally a secure, all-in-one, online association community channel platform that allows managers and boards full control, significantly reduces costs, eliminates cheating and human errors during voting events, assists in achieving a quorum, sends verified emails, allows associations to live stream and record meetings, all with 24-hour tech support, and developed by one of the top real estate attorneys in the country to guarantee legal compliance.


Benefits & Features

Admin Benefits

Phone and email support for managers Day of voting event support Free initial onboarding assistance Dedicated account manager Advanced communication tools

Admin Features

Create your own ballots in seconds Bulk upload of member roster Keep track of consenting members Property management software integration Share and upload important document Customize with your logo and images Create buttons to link documents or videos

Member Benefits

Most user-friendly platform Works on all devices Vote/watch meetings anywhere in the world Email support for members Recieve notices and view documents

Member Features

Auto alerts, reminders, and notifications Multilingual program Electronic voting receipts Single-page interface system Compatible with all browsers